Bonus Rules

Standard Bonus Rules

Patrons may receive a Bonus in the form of Cash, Bonus Money or Free Spins. These Standard Bonus Rules will apply to all Bonuses unless otherwise stated in any promotions-specific rules for Individual Promotions which we may offer from time to time.

1. Definitions:

1.1 Bonus – a reward granted to a qualifying patron that could include among other things: Cash, Bonus Money and Free Spins.

1.2 Bonus Money – constrained currency that is released into a patron account as a reward for taking a specified action, such as making a Deposit, playing a game, inviting a friend or such other actions as are described in the terms of Individual Promotions.

1.3 Bonus Offer – an incentive offered to patrons who meet the qualifications/requirements necessary to participate in a promotion we may offer, together with the rules associated with such Bonus Offer.

1.4 Cash – unconstrained currency that a patron may Wager or withdraw from their patron account at any time. A patron may have Cash in their account as a result of: (i) making a Deposit into their patron account; (ii) winning a wager and having the winnings deposited into their patron account; (iii) unlocking winnings attached to Bonus Money they have wagered (having met the Wagering Requirements); (iv) receiving a Cash Bonus; or (iv) a direct deposit by us.

1.5 Constrained Currency – currency in a patron account that is available for Wager but cannot be withdrawn until Wagering Requirements are met at which time it is available as Cash.

1.6 Deposit – patron initiated funds credited to their patron account for the purposes of placing a Wager.

1.7 Free Spins – free spins which may be (i) restricted to selected games; and (ii) made available to patrons on a discretionary basis or as part of Individual Promotions.

1.8 Individual Promotions – Bonus Offers we may make available in our sole discretion to select patrons who have met criteria applicable to the terms of the promotion.

1.9 Playthrough Wagering Requirement – a constraint placed against Bonus Money that requires a patron to Wager dollar for dollar the value of the Bonus at least one time through.

1.10 Wager – occurs when a patron uses Cash or Bonus Money (or Free Spins if applicable) to place a bet on or otherwise enter a game (including but not limited to purchasing tickets).

1.11 Website Terms and Conditions – the website terms found here.

2. Bonus Eligibility

2.1 Some Bonuses may be available to certain patrons only. For example (but without limitation), some Bonuses will be made available to: (i) the specific invitee and/or recipient of an offer; (ii) new patrons only; (iii) patrons who have never made a Deposit; (iv) patrons that have met certain Wagering Requirements; or (v) patrons that have met any other criteria that is applicable to Individual Promotions from time to time.

2.2 A patron must have a valid active patron account and be located in New Jersey to Wager any Bonus.

2.3 Any patron whose account has been suspended, is self-excluded, excluded, has requested a cooling-off period, or is included on any responsible gaming restricted list will be ineligible to receive and/or Wager a Bonus. All Website Terms and Conditions and Individual Promotions and any Bonus specific rules apply.

3. Wagering Requirements

3.1 Patrons must meet the Wagering Requirements before the winnings from any such Bonus Money will be available as Cash. A patron may withdraw as Cash or Wager any winnings which relate to wagered Bonus Money. If a patron has earned $1.00 of Bonus Money, and wants to place a $10.00 Wager, the $1.00 in Bonus Money will be applied to the Wager first with the remaining $9.00 funded from the patron's account. Depending on the outcome of the Wager, all winnings from that Wager will be available as Cash.

4. Bonus Expiration

4.1 Except where set out in any Bonus specific rules or Individual Promotions rules or pursuant to 7.2 below, a Bonus will expire if a patron does not use it in its entirety within 30 days from the date it is issued to his/her patron account.

5. Withdrawal:

5.1 Bonuses are for Wagering purposes only and cannot be withdrawn unless they have been rewarded as, or converted to, Cash.

6. Depositing:

6.1 A patron can make a Deposit into their patron account and add to that Deposit at any time without affecting Bonus Money. All Deposits are added to a patron's account as unconstrained funds. Depositing money into a patron account does not expire a Bonus or extend a Bonus Offer.

7. Miscellaneous:

7.1 By accepting any Bonus, a patron agrees to be bound by these Standard Bonus Rules, the Individual Promotions rules and the Website Terms and Conditions.

7.2 All Bonuses offered, are offered in our sole discretion and may be changed or cancelled at any time in our sole discretion. All decisions are final and binding in all respects.

7.3 All Bonuses offered are subject to the Casino Control Act and all regulations promulgated thereunder.

7.4 Copies of these Standard Bonus Rules can be made available upon request from Customer Support.

7.5 Patrons are awarded Bonuses based upon qualifying events as determined by us. We will be the sole judge of eligibility and all disputes will be resolved in our sole discretion.

7.6 Bonus Money and Free Spins have no Cash value, cannot be transferred or withdrawn and are non-negotiable.

7.7 Any and all applicable taxes, fees or other charges are the responsibility of the patron.

7.8 We are not liable for computer and program malfunctions or Bonuses improperly awarded.